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Respect. For you. For us. Your communities and the world community. At Maxim, we know that our actions impact the world around us…and we want that. It's our responsibility to respect the world where we all live and work. But there's more to this story. We must ensure that our impact is a positive one.

So in a practical world, the real story is about behavior. Our Code of Corporate Social Responsibility is our credo. It frames our social and environmental responsibility, our code of behavior. It is aligned with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) (formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct. We support the RBA mission and our partners by undergoing rigorous RBA on-site audits and completing the RBA corporate and facility Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs). We make our data available via the RBA-Online tool, so our trading partners can find important information they need. We ask our top suppliers to do the same.

Our impact does not stop with us. We expect the same responsible conduct from our supplier partners and require that they abide by our Code. Our Supplier Responsibility program follows the RBA methodology as we assess our significant, direct material suppliers each year.

As a committed partner in our local and global communities we value all stakeholder feedback and want to hear from you! Please email to engage with us.

If you have any questions about Maxim’s Corporate Responsibility, please contact us at


Environmental Policy

Maxim is committed to protecting the environment through excellence in environmental performance and continual improvements in our operations, products, and services.

It is Maxim's policy to:

  • Prevent or reduce pollution to air, land, and water through programs that reduce environmental impacts and conserve natural resources
  • Understand and commit to comply with legal and other requirements
  • Review environmental objectives and targets and set guidelines for reduction of environmental impacts
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of and continually improve our environmental management systems (EMS), and educate those working for or on behalf of the company where it is applicable to meet legal and other requirements

For more information about our environmental performance, please find our latest annual Carbon Disclosure Project reports and our Water Usage and Discharge reports here. In 2016, Maxim generated 431 metric tons of Hazardous waste, generated 867 metric tons of Non-Hazardous waste, and recycled 679 metric tons of waste (52% of total). In 2017, Maxim generated 326 metric tons of Hazardous waste, generated 533 metric tons of Non-Hazardous waste, and recycled 903 metric tons of waste (51% of total).

For more information on Maxim’s commitment to continuous environmental impact monitoring and improvement, please visit our Environmental Management & Product Sustainability page.

Water Management

Maxim is dedicated to the responsible management of water resources in the communities in which we operate. The Environmental, Health, and Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) group is responsible for monitoring and tracking our water usage across our manufacturing processes. In addition, the group is responsible for completing all customer and non-government organization surveys related to climate and sustainability issues, as well complying with all government reporting requirements. Identifying and assessing water and climate-related risks is part of Maxim’s ISO 14001:2015 Management Program where all new or modified processes are evaluated using a change control process that measures risk, the environmental impact and the approximate amount of resource consumption (energy, water, materials) and waste generated (emissions, solid waste, wastewater).

Under the guidance of our Technology and Manufacturing Group, we have committed to a target of reducing our water usage by a normalized 3% rate per year in our fabrication and testing processes. Where possible, we also strive to recycle or reuse the water from our operations to mitigate the risk of depleting local water supplies. We also monitor the stress levels of local water basins to assess our overall water usage footprint. As of 2017, 72% of our total water is withdrawn from basins or territories with a Low amount of oversubscription to water resources (for more information, please see our 2017 Water Usage and Discharge report).

The EHS&S group collects data on Maxim’s Water Usage, Wastewater Discharge, and Recycled Water across our manufacturing sites, and reports the results of these assessments to our Executive Leadership on a regular basis. To improve transparency in our water management practices, Maxim discloses its total water usage from Manufacturing, Assembly, Test, and Packaging operations. In addition, we report our water usage data to the Semiconductor Industry Alliance to enable benchmarking our water management against peers in the US. The most recent assessment is available in our 2017 Water Usage and Discharge report.


Development and Training

Development Planning – Every achievement begins with a plan

Maxim's Development Planning process helps employees achieve career growth and success by encouraging them to identify career goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them.

The Development Planning process is core to our culture value of "Reach Higher," encouraging employees to own their individual development. Through the process, employees work with their managers to develop an Individual Development Plan based on strengths, opportunities for development, interests, and career goals. Managers support the program by providing coaching, advice, and feedback and by assigning responsibilities to continuously improve employees' skills and performance. In addition, compensation for certain Maxim executives is tied to employee development and other Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics. For example, certain senior executives’ compensation specifically includes performance on Employee Training and Development initiatives.

The Development Planning process helps to ensure successful careers for employees, and builds a stronger workforce for the company.

MaximU – Continual learning available anywhere, everyday

Complementary to the Development Planning process is the need for the right tools and training so that employees can develop their skills for career growth. Maxim University, or MaximU, provides over 5,000 salaried employees continual training to support individual development at no charge.

A portal for accessing online training and registering for classroom courses, MaximU provides global access 24 hours a day to licensed content and customized self-paced courses. Employees completed 22,885 courses in 2014.

"Maxim University is an exciting initiative," said Denise Wooldridge, Senior Learning Management System Business Partner. "It represents an important investment in our people and their future with Maxim."

Employees who have identified training as an appropriate development activity in their Individual Development Plan can search for relevant training, review applicable courses with their manager, and agree on the courses to take. In addition, MaximU serves as a valuable resource library and as a vehicle to complete mandatory training.

Higher Education – Helping employees manage and continue their education

Maxim offers a tuition reimbursement program to encourage our employees to broaden their on-the-job knowledge, skills, and abilities. We believe that educational advancement will enhance Maxim's growth potential through the individual growth of employees.

Educational tuition reimbursement is offered to employees who meet eligibility requirements and who enroll in approved, work-related programs of study. The course of study must have either present or future application to a job with us. Once employees are enrolled in the program, we will reimburse the employee upon successful completion of a course up to a maximum defined amount per calendar year, depending on the degree level of study.

Maxim understands the burden of student loan debt on its employees and aims to assist them in achieving their financial goals. For eligible employees, we contribute monthly payments to the principal of an employee's student loan(s), as well as an online platform to monitor personal finances. By helping employees save money and reduce their loan payoff period, we are partnering with our employees to manage the most important investment they’ve made in their career: higher education.

Diversity and Ethics

Equal Employment Opportunity – Promoting inclusion

In compliance with local laws, Maxim is an equal opportunity employer. Our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy echoes our commitment to diversity and inclusion. It is the policy of Maxim to provide equal opportunity to all persons in all matters relating to employment without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, age, genetic information, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, military or veteran status or any other characteristic as protected under applicable state, federal, or local law.

Collective efforts leveraging diverse points of view allow us to realize superior solutions. As an equal-opportunity employer, Maxim brings men and women of all ages, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and experiences into a highly collaborative environment where they are given the opportunity to contribute. We respect diverse cultures globally and comply with the hiring and employment laws unique to the locations in which we operate. We are committed to gender pay equity and conduct pay equity analyses to assess any potential inequalities.

All employees have the right to work in an environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. We do not tolerate harassment by any of our employees, officers, representatives, customers, or suppliers. Employees are encouraged and expected to immediately report all potential human rights violations so that they can be investigated thoroughly.

Diversity Training in Leadership Development – Improving the foundation of our culture

At Maxim, empowering design innovation means empowering our global community to think, express, and act from a diversity of perspectives. We are committed to fostering an inclusive community that respects individuals to live out our foundational values and guiding principles. We’ve taken steps to translate these commitments into action through the hiring of Dino Anderson as Executive Director in September 2017 to lead our very first corporate-wide Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Global Talent Development Programs. In collaboration with Stanford’s Clayman Institute of Gender Research we are launching manager development workshops on “Blocking Unconscious Bias” to improve the company’s hiring, retention and promotion operations.

“One of the many wonderful things on which Maxim prides itself is creating a supportive and collaborative corporate culture where any individual contributing to this well-being is respected,” Dino Anderson said. “Our value of One Maxim is the North Star for our peoples’ human and humane development.” In conjunction with formal manager development, an ongoing Speaker Series Program has been launched to increase general employee awareness on inclusivity topics regarding diversity in innovation. One of the most popular talks this year was by Dr. Caroline Simard, Managing Director of the Stanford VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab, who gave an inspired talk on Womens’ Leadership in Technology and Science.

Ethics and Employee Engagement – Clearing a path to the right decisions

It is Maxim's policy to conduct our operations in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we do business. We promote ethical behavior and maintain an open-door policy that encourages employees to talk to supervisors, managers, members of our Human Resources group when in doubt about the best course of action in any particular situation. We also provide a direct line of communication to the General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer accessible by any employee. In addition, we provide a toll-free hotline and a third-party website as a means for anonymously reporting concerns about ethics or grievances. Maxim practices a firm no-retaliation policy and encourages employees to utilize these communication channels and resources.

Maxim also continually engages with our employees through a formal biannual employee satisfaction survey, conducted by a third-party with anonymous responses. This allows us to evaluate and adjust our employee initiatives based on this feedback as the needs of our employee base change over time. The results of these surveys are reviewed by Executive Leadership and are also presented to all employees for transparency. Outside of these regular assessments, Maxim has an internal relations function that provides a mechanism for employees to raise feedback regarding the company and management. The feedback is conveyed anonymously and confidentially to upper management to analyze and implement changes and improvements, as appropriate.

Maxim’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines our policy, which applies to the company's employees, officers, and nonemployee directors, including the company's CEO, CFO, and principal accounting officer or controller. Maxim requires its employees to take training courses related to key facets of its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Our code is designed to promote:

  • Honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.
  • Full, fair, accurate, and understandable disclosure in the reports and documents the company files with, or submits to, the Securities and Exchange Commission and in other public communications made by the company.
  • Compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules, and regulations.
  • The prompt internal reporting to the appropriate person of violations of this code.
  • Accountability for adherence to this code.

Health and Safety

Maintaining a safe workplace

Maxim is committed to protecting our employees, contractors, and the public by integrating health and safety into all aspects of our business.

We strive to enable a safe, injury-free workplace by incorporating safety into our daily business decisions and processes. Management is accountable for implementing this practice, but all employees are empowered to assume responsibility for their safety and the safety of those around them.

All employees receive annual emergency training, while Emergency Response Team members are trained quarterly. Moreover, general health and safety training is conducted on over 60 topics.

Our health and safety commitment includes continuous improvement on various metrics. Measured monthly, we strive to meet our established goals of a 0.40 OSHA-recordable injury rate, 0.20 lost-time injury rate and 4.0 days-away injury rate. In 2017, our lost-time injury rate was 0.17, making Maxim one of the industry leaders in this area. Our average injury rates have been consistently below those for the U.S. manufacturing industry over all. Our policies, controls and internal reporting uphold a safe work environment.


Healthy living for life

Beyond medical benefits, Maxim provides several programs to improve employee wellness.

Our official wellness program, Wellness Integrated, educates employees and helps us make healthy life choices. We sponsor programs such as free, onsite health screenings, subsidized health club memberships, an onsite fitness center and sponsored recreational sports and races.

Regular internal communications educate employees on health tips and resources available to them, such as tools and information from our industry-leading insurance partners.

Our Employee Assistance Program provides services such as stress management tools, counseling, referral services, and legal advice. The program is a confidential, voluntary service designed to help employees and their dependents with personal, job, or family related problems.

Wellness Screenings

Maxim offers free wellness screenings to employees and their spouses in the U.S. and in a number of international offices. These health screenings help identify potential health issues to increase longevity and improve quality of life. Our wellness screenings provide an in-depth medical analysis and information for planning personal health goals. Following a screening, we encourage employees and spouses to share the health information with their medical providers.

For over a decade, employees have benefited from the successful wellness-screening program. Employees’ interest and high participation rate also attests to the value of the initiative. In 2015, over 40 percent of U.S. employees participated in the program.

Health Club Memberships

Maxim offers employees the opportunity to improve their health and fitness by promoting discounted memberships at select national health clubs. In addition, we have onsite fitness centers at our campuses in San Jose, Calif. and Beaverton, Oregon.

Maxim in Motion

Through the Maxim in Motion program, we offer U.S. employees an opportunity to be active, while supporting a healthy work-life balance. The program organizes intramural and recreational sports activities for employees during or after work such as soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball. We also sponsor registration fees for road races and cycling races. In 2017, we plan to support employees in over 60 races.

Family Support

Balancing the pressures of work and family can be challenging. Maxim supports family needs with a highly flexible paid time-off policy that allows employees to use vacation and holiday time most effectively for them. Our Employee Assistance Program, which provides health tools and service referrals, is available not only to employees, but to family members as well. Maxim matches contributions to dependent care accounts (for qualifying employees), and regularly organizes family-friendly corporate events at many locations.

Global Communities

Our company values Making a Difference for the betterment of the communities in which we operate.

To efficiently select and fund charitable causes, we have an established review process to determine which causes we will support. We have also established an internal Give. Care. Do. platform for employee-specific or company-wide campaigns.

Over the last three years, Maxim has donated nearly $850,000 of cash donations to over 50 different causes, initiatives, and non-profit organizations. In 2015, we donated $289,000 ($104,000 came from employee donations); in 2016, we donated $241,000 ($90,000 from employee donations); in 2017, we donated $317,000 ($173,000 from employee donations). We actively encourage our employees to seek opportunities where they may volunteer their time or money and give back to their communities. Our sites may choose to hold fundraisers to collect goods or to raise money. In company-wide initiatives and in some of our employee-based initiatives, Maxim will frequently match employee-based donations.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers

Did you know that only 44% of 2013 U.S. high school graduates were ready for college-level math and a mere 36% were ready for college-level science courses*? For the future of engineering, we know we must do better.

Maxim is a proud supporter of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and robotics competitions for youth throughout the U.S. Robotics competitions such as FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) teach students basic science, engineering and technology skills, inspire innovation and leadership.

Maxim has supported robotics teams and competitions since 2012 through cash donations, volunteerism and in-kind donations.

We are proud to contribute the MAX4378 current sense amplifier to the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition control board. Nearly 70,000 high school students will use the control board as the foundation of their designs. We thank the Maxim employees who give their time to mentor and coach student teams to success.

Our engineers serve as in-classroom mentors and presenters on STEM-related subjects and curriculum. In 2015, we actively participated in student chapters of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), providing scholarships for university women pursuing degrees in STEM-related field.

Best of luck, aspiring future engineers.

Austin: Supporting Hospitalized Children During the Season of Giving

Maxim employees in Austin, Texas have embraced a philosophy of enhancing the holidays for hospitalized children by donating gifts to children at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas. Each year since 2012, employees have donated new toys to help make the holidays brighter for the children. Maxim has supplemented the gifts with a donation to Dell Children’s Child Life Department.

Dell Children's is a premier health care provider for children and adolescents. The Child Life Department works to reduce the stress and anxiety that children and their families may face as a result of illness, injury or hospitalization.

Oregon: Employees Donate 7.7 Tons of Food to Needy Families

Oregon: In 2016, our employees collaborated to fundraise and collect food for the Oregon Food Bank. Together, employees donated $14,295 which equates to 42,885 or roughly 57,180 pounds of food. In addition to fundraising, employees stepped forward to donate their time sorting and repackaging food; a huge and beneficial impact to their local community.

Oregon Food Bank helps feed one in five households in Oregon and Clark County, Washington that struggle with hunger. Every month about 270,000 people receive food from a pantry. In addition, Oregon Food Bank leads statewide efforts to increase resources for hungry families and to eliminate the root causes of hunger through public policy, local food systems work, nutrition and garden education, health care screening and innovative programming.

San Jose: Helping in Different Causes

Giving and volunteering is ingrained in all Maxim employees. This is evidenced by the diverse volunteering programs and non-profit organizations that the employees volunteer in, such as The Humane Society, Surfrider Beach Clean-up, Junior Achievement, Cancer Care Point, Sacred Heart Community Center and the Movember campaign. In addition to employee donations, they also volunteer hours, and in-return, Maxim also donates cash to these organizations. Over 120 employees participated in these programs. Maxim and its employees donated a total of $45,000 in cash and in-kind.

Over two decades ago, three employees received a holiday cash bonus from Maxim but realized individuals in the community needed that gift more than they did. They decided to donate their holiday gift to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. The Second Harvest Food Bank provides food to almost a quarter of a million people each month. Today, Maxim and its employees' continued support has resulted in donations of over $1 million, enough to provide 2 million meals to local residents in need.

Inspired by those employees, a tradition emerged at Maxim's headquarters in San Jose that continues today. After that first donation, more employees joined the effort, and Maxim began matching the employee donations. By 2009, Maxim earned admittance into the Food Bank's prestigious "Million Pounds Club," having funded one million pounds of food for families in need.

In 2016, Maxim donated over $53,000 and 1,201 pounds of food which provided over 459,000 meals. We organized over 300 volunteers who donated 608 hours of their time, which saved Second Harvest over $11,000. In 2017, Maxim continued this tradition and donated $40,000, providing over 270,000 meals. We also participated in the 48-hour “Virtual Race to End Hunger”.

In April 2017, Maxim was recognized with the Brass Ring award as well as the Outside the Barrel award for our overall giving levels and creativity in fundraising efforts. We have every hope that our ongoing partnership with Second Harvest will make great strides in the fight against local hunger.

Northern California Wildfire Relief effort
The devastation caused by 15 Northern California wildfires in 2017 has resulted in one of the worst disasters the state has ever faced. Fires have scorched almost 217,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 5,700 structures, evacuated approximately 75,000 people, and caused at least 40 deaths with many people still missing.

Maxim partnered with the Salvation Army and donated $23,146 who provided food, hydration and necessary items for those who were in need. Maxim also offered Maxim employees up to five (5) days of paid time off for volunteering in the affected locations.

Thailand: Making a Difference to a School in Need

Approximately 60 Maxim employees made a special visit to a school in Chonburi, Thailand for underprivileged students. In August 2014, the employees donated and delivered school supplies and gifts to about 200 children of Wat Thung Hiang School and temple. The employees' donations included clothes, stationery supplies, toiletries, toys and snacks.

Wat Thung Hiang is a small temple that adopts children from impoverished families of tribes in northern Thailand. The temple aims to provide education to the children in need.

Maxim supplemented the employees' donation in hopes the students of Wat Thung Hiang now have additional tools to help them learn.

Philippines: Helping Those That Need it Most

We have teamed with Javalera Elementary School in the Philippines to make a difference to the lives of these students.

Javalera Elementary School is the closest public school to Maxim's largest site. More than 2,500 employees work near the school in the province of Cavite.

Maxim employees lead a year-round program offering free tutoring services, the “Maxim Big Brother & Big Sister” program, to elementary students in Cavite, Philippines. Our tutors program launched in November 2011. Our tutors program launched in November 2011.

Since 2014, the Maxim Big Brothers and Big Sisters program has focused on helping six elementary students with their reviews in preparation for the National Achievement Test (NAT), an examination taken by grade six students to progress to junior high school.

With help of the tutorial program, the school and students have fared well in the national examinations – making them eligible to progress to junior high school. Maxim Cavite has also helped students’ academic growth through sponsorship of the students’ registration to a government mathematics special tutorial program and conducted a Science Innovation Project Fair for students. Maxim has donated LCD projectors, desktop computers and school supplies to help the faculty and students in enhancing their teaching and learning experience.

Maxim provided funds to fix the roofs and ceilings that were in much need of repairs for 11 classrooms in 2014 to provide a safe learning environment to its students. As a result, Maxim was recognized by the Department of Education in February 2017 as one of its Cavite Education Stakeholders. Volunteerism, tutoring and refurbishments will continue in 2017.

We look forward to these students’ success and the resulting enrichment of our community.

Solutions for Tomorrow

Since our inception in 1983, Maxim has created, and continues to develop, ICs that enable our customers' systems to be more energy efficient. We are a leading supplier of integrated circuits (ICs) for power and battery management applications. Our culture of innovation inspires us to create products for systems that consume less energy and generate less heat.

Automotive Solutions

New technology is driving the evolution to cleaner and safer vehicles. We use our expertise in high-performance analog integration to develop solutions that reduce the complexity and component count of in-vehicle systems such as infotainment as well as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with premium safety features such as blind spot detection and collision avoidance.

Energy Solutions

As the energy market experiences a transformation, technology in renewable energy, and smart consumption solutions deliver on the promise of reducing energy demand and making the grid more green. With a strong history in power management, from solar energy generation to LED lighting, we develop optimized solutions to meet our customers' needs and those of their customers.

Cloud and Datacenter Solutions

Advances in cloud computing and datacenters connect the globe and release the power of information. Maxim's solutions for data servers, network hardware, and fiber optic high-speed communications enable on-demand access to video and data content. By delivering highly efficient power management and power conversion ICs, we reduce network energy consumption and CO2 emissions. At Maxim, we're doing our part to architect a new generation of sustainable networks.

Industrial Solutions

By enabling accurate measurement and control, robust communications, and system and data security, Maxim can implement predictive maintenance in industrial equipment and prevent unauthorized system access. Detecting or preventing problems sooner allows industrial customers to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and increase safety for both workers and the community.

Medical Solutions

With increasing healthcare needs in both established and emerging economies, there is mounting pressure to decrease costs without sacrificing quality. Moving medical equipment closer to the point of care or even into the home meets this challenge and expands healthcare access. Medical equipment needs to become smaller, lower power and more portable. Using our expertise in analog integration, power, and battery-management solutions, Maxim's solutions are designed to meet the efficacy, safety, and security of these emerging medical devices.

Advances in semiconductor technology have enabled extremely low-power battery-powered embedded systems so light weight and small that they are wearable. These systems are typically characterized by powerful, very low power microcontrollers that interface to a set of highly sophisticated sensors while communicating information via low-power radio frequency links to external systems. With expertise in low-power solutions, Maxim is helping its customers create highly differentiated wearable devices.

Partnerships with Suppliers

Our suppliers are our partners. We expect our partners to be as dedicated to the values of corporate responsibility as we are. No less. This includes maintaining responsible business practices such as ethical conduct, protection of the environment, creation of a safe workplace, and fair treatment of workers. Maxim and its Board of Directors expect its suppliers to operate in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations in the countries in which they operate and to implement the principles of Maxim’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Code of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Maxim requires its partners to:

Be the Change in the Supply Chain

We recognize the force for positive change that we can be in the world. That all of us can be. As a leader in the electronics industry, we have a particular opportunity and responsibility to influence change by playing a role in the eradication of slavery, human trafficking, and human rights atrocities. We insist that the materials used throughout our supply chain are acquired in an ethical and responsible manner. Our partners must share in this vision.

See the following policy statements for our stances on these issues.

Be Our Eyes and Ears

Maxim has a zero-tolerance policy for ethical, legal, or regulatory violations. Often our suppliers can see and hear things that we cannot. Because of that, we encourage our partners to report in good faith any issues or concerns they might encounter involving Maxim or Maxim employees. Such behaviors may include improper or unethical business practices such as fraud or bribery.

Our partners can report concerns either directly through our Compliance Officer or anonymously through a third-party hotline:

Contact our Compliance Officer by phone at +1 (408) 601-5866, or by email at

Anonymously contact our third-party ethics hotline and website.

Supplier Diversity

Maxim strives to maintain a diverse and inclusive supply chain. We believe supplier diversity is essential to strong business operations and community. Businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, physically challenged or disabled, and non-profits are encouraged to seek business opportunities with Maxim. We invite potential suppliers to contact our Procurement team at:


We are proud of our accomplishments and honored to receive corporate responsibility awards. It's especially nice when others compliment us for our achievements. That's the case here. Public agencies and industry are recognizing our efforts and social commitments. It's nice to know that it shows.

We are honored to be recognized for our culture and technology innovation from organizations and publications worldwide. Here are examples of our recent awards and recognition: Awards.

American Red Cross Community Partner Award

The Red Cross Cascades Region honored Maxim with the American Red Cross Community Partner Award in an award ceremony held in Portland, Oregon on July 16, 2015. The award recognized the consistent disaster response efforts of the company and employees.

Since 2011, Maxim has partnered with the global organization to aid victims of natural disasters. Employee giving campaigns and corporate matching funds for natural disasters, as well as blood donation drives, have supported the organization ever since.

Maxim received similar recognition from the Philippine Red Cross Muntinlupa City Branch of the Rizal Chapter in March 2014. The acknowledgment noted Maxim’s volunteer efforts and donation drive during Typhoon Haiyan, and blood donation program. At the same time, Maxim’s Cavite site was recognized for its employee safety training program.

Newsweek Green Rankings

In 2016, Maxim Integrated was again included in  Newsweek magazine's Green Rankings, one of the world's most recognized assessments of corporate environmental performance. Maxim's environmental performance ranked 153 among the 500 largest U.S. companies.

The Newsweek Green Rankings rate the 500 largest companies (by market capitalization), both globally and in the U.S., on corporate sustainability and environmental impact. Companies are scored based on their performance on eight specific indicators: energy productivity, carbon productivity, water productivity, waste productivity, reputation, executive pay link to sustainability, sustainability themed board committee, and auditing of environmental metrics.

Led by our ISO 14001 environmental policy, we remain committed to minimizing any harmful impact to the environment through continuous environmental improvement and excellence in environmental management.

Maxim was similarly honored in the Newsweek assessment in 2014 and 2012.

Industrial Partners Pretreatment Awards

Clean Water Services honored Maxim’s site in Beaverton, Oregon for water stewardship. The 2016 Industrial Partners Pretreatment Awards recognizes industrial companies in Washington County, Oregon that have demonstrated dedication to effectively managing water resources. Maxim completed 2016 with a perfect compliance record.

At the ceremony on April 5, 2017, Maxim was awarded in the Tier III category based on our potential environmental risk, water flow, and use of regulated pollutants in our operations. Maxim earned points from a combination of factors related to sanitary permit level, discharge quantity, storm water status, and analysis of regulated pollutants.

Best Companies for Leaders

Chief Executive magazine named Maxim Integrated one of the 2016 Best Companies for Leaders. Issued in January, 2016, the publication's list of top 40 public companies ranks Maxim at #25. We were the only semiconductor company to make the list in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

"One of our four key cultural values is Reach Higher," explained our CEO, Tunç Doluca. "We encourage employees to continually maximize their potential by taking ownership for their individual development, whether or not they are in an official leadership role." To support this core value, Maxim invests in employee leadership and development programs. See our Development and Training page to learn more.

The Chief Executive annual ranking of the top companies for leadership is based on a survey of leading organizations around the world.

Healthiest Employers Awards

Healthy employees power the engine of innovation and success. We have believed this since our earliest days and have remained committed to the well-being of our employees. In 2015 we were named one of Oregon’s Healthiest Employers by the Portland Business Journal, and 2012-2014 we were honored as one of the California Bay Area's Healthiest Employers by both the Silicon Valley Business Journal and the San Francisco Business Times. Recognizing over 60 companies in the region each year, the awards celebrate a company's proactive initiatives to help employees stay productive and healthy. Our official wellness program, Healthy Living for Life, educates us so we can make healthy life choices. Our programs include free onsite health screenings, discounted health club memberships, and sponsored recreational sports and races. Our headquarters in San Jose, CA features an exercise center and convenient access to a fitness trail for walking, running or biking.

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